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Zond Node Private Network

This document is in: DRAFT status and needs additional input!

These instructions will change frequently as we develop the node software. Check back often as these will be kept up to date until the final solution is in place.

Use these docs to launch a private development network, not connected to the main project.

These are temporary installation instructions to get started with running a DEVELOPMENT zond node on a private network.

Install Instructions

Assuming you are using a Linux distribution:

#0. Remove any old install files
rm -rf ~/.zond/data
rm -rf ~/.zond/dilithium_keys

#0.1 Clone repo
git clone ~/zond
cd ~/zond

#1. Build zond-cli and bootstrap files
go build ./cmd/zond-cli
# Now bootstrap files
./zond-cli dev genesis-bootstrap

#2. Copy the foundation dilithium address provided in step 1 and set the variable `binFoundationDilithiumAddress` in config/config.go with the new foundation dilithium address value:
# Line #278
binFoundationDilithiumAddress, err := misc.HexStrToBytes("FOUNDATION_DILITHIUM_ADDRESS_FROM_STEP_#1")

#3. Create new devnet block directory
mkdir ~/zond/block/genesis/devnet

#4. Copy the bootstrap files `prestate.yml and genesis.yml` into the new directory from step #3
cp ~/zond/bootstrap/prestate.yml ~/zond/block/genesis/devnet/prestate.yml
cp ~/zond/bootstrap/genesis.yml ~/zond/block/genesis/devnet/genesis.yml

#5. Create the hidden `.zond` directory for the node files and copy in the dilithium keys generated during the bootstrap process.
mkdir ~/.zond
cp ~/zond/bootstrap/dilithium_keys ~/.zond

#6. Build the node using Golang and the configuration provided
cd ~/zond
go build ./cmd/gzond

#7. Start the node using the new `gzond` command


To update the development node build picking up the latest changes run the following commands, ensure the node is stopped.

cd ~/zond
git pull && go build ./cmd/gzond && go build ./cmd/zond-cli && ./zond-cli --help && ./gzond