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Getting Started

This document is in: DRAFT status and needs additional input!
  • POS explainer, including cryptography used and any special considerations to be highlighted.

Welcome to the Quantum Resistant Ledger Zond documentation! This is a work in progress and will be improved as we build project Zond. Ensure

The QRL Mission

Provide enterprise grade security to the blockchain space with the future quantum threat in mind. Instead of relying on the classical secure elliptical curve cryptography to secure signatures The QRL has deployed XMSS, a NIST-approved post-quantum secure digital signature scheme.

By utilizing this post-quantum secure signature scheme from genesis, we are able to provide advanced asset protection now, as well as the future.

Zond Node Docs

Project Zond

Zond is the code name given to Quantum Resistant Proof Of Stake Blockchain under development by the QRL team.

Information on the new POS node as well as the zond-cli command line tools

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