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Zond Node Installation

This document is in: DRAFT status and needs additional input!
  • Need install instructions for other OS's

These instructions will change frequently as we develop the node software. Check back often as these will be kept up to date until the final solution is in place.

This document covers getting started installing the Zond node software and will allow interaction with the Zond blockchain.


  • Go version 1.18.6 or greater is installed go version
  • Ensure the local copy of the Zond github repo has the latest code
Minimum Node Hardware Requirements

There are some basic requirements that must be met to run a Zond node (Yet to be defined). See the Zond Node Requirements documentation for more info.

Zond Node Installation

Follow the directions below to get started running a Zond POS Node.

Installation instructions for the Zond Node on Ubuntu.

  • build-essential is installed including gcc

Install Steps

sudo apt update
sudo apt install build-essential

# clone the zond repo, grabbing the latest code
git clone ~/zond

# Build the node
cd zond
go build ~/zond/cmd/zond-cli
go build ./cmd/gzond

This is the recommended installation method, and most common way to run a Zond Node.

Install Script

For a simple, no fuss node install use the script Jack provided us. The code can be found here

bash <(curl -s

Or grab the source and execute locally.

git clone
cd zond-init
# Check the source code before executing
# Make executable and run
chmod +x

It is important to read and understand what a script is doing on your machine before you execute it. Check the source before running! Source code is here

There will be a few questions to answer, select (Y)es to each and there will be a running node in a screen session. screen -r to access it or see the logs in the ~/.zond directory tail -f ~/.zond/zond-daemon.log

Running Zond

After successful installation of the Zond node the command line tools are available immediately. For more information see the Zond Node CLI Documentation.

The node software runs in the current shell, to run the node in the background, use something like screen to disconnect the shell from the running node allowing syncing to happen in the background.

See the screen documentation for more information and installation instructions.


To begin the syncing process run the node software.


Output looks something like this.

[2022-09-07 18:22:12]  INFO Current Block Slot Number 2918 Hash 0xce165cf88728259eb6cf533373cf8622190685437fb4cb7c1ad000d1f9e1c1a7
[2022-09-07 18:22:12] INFO Main Chain Loaded Successfully
[2022-09-07 18:22:12] INFO Listening at /ip4/
[2022-09-07 18:22:12] INFO Running download monitor
[2022-09-07 18:22:22] INFO Minting Block #2919
[2022-09-07 18:22:22] INFO Added Block #2919 0xa6836b628c70a028b1b9b3d531b3edcc97bddde37bb9ff4a6343075bcc3529e3
[2022-09-07 18:22:22] INFO Protocol Txs Count 2 | Txs Count 0

This will start the node software, create a default node directory at ~/.zond and begin syncing blocks from the known peers.

Stop The Node

Use ctl+c to stop the node in a linux terminal

[2022-09-07 18:22:23]  INFO Shutting Down POS
[2022-09-07 18:22:23] INFO Shutting Down Node